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From the Desk of President

Villages are the root of our civilization. "If prosperity reaches there, we shall be more developed and secured”.

RED India, a movement for Rural Development. I am a villager and as a farmer I appease the hunger of the whole nation, but to appease my hunger I have to run towards the cities. I think this is the biggest obstacle in the development of a nation

I believe that villages are the interdependent settlement and have simple economy. Every component of rural economy is need based. I believe that villages can be developed through support in economy, education and technology. RED India will work in providing market place for the rural population and their produce, supporting them in education and skill development and imparting the latest technology through research and development. I am sure that RED India will change the face of our country by impacting the 70% 0f our people.


We have witnessed a long discussion of developing Rural Economy in India since Independence, but has hardly changed. Consistent degrowth in agriculture has resulted into drastic migration from Rural, Envisaging a luxurious life in cities. Shrinking agriculture has worried every individual including people in government. Apart from agriculture every rural and traditional produce, Arts, Handicrafts and other means of livelihood is not enriched with enough opportunities in the form of price and market. Even they are not provided with justified wage, Respect, status and regular opportunities as per their capabilities post migration.

70% population resides in rural and 30% in urban area but the GDP contribution exhibit inverse result. This is critical and needs to be nourished so that villages also remain worth leading life unlike living a life currently.

Central Government has introduced and run different programs to maximize the productivity of rural work force since Independence but that did not prove enough. Even in 2014 many different programs like Jan Dhan Yojana, Skill Development at war level with a devoted SKILL DEVELOPMENT MINISTERY and an institution NATIONAL SKILL DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION and many other financial inclusion programs.

Considering the efforts of government and other social organizations in skill development we find immense opportunities of connecting them with suitable livelihood. RED India commits to find out many ways of enhancing Rural Economy.


Create platform to provide following for the development of rural economy.

  • Market
  • Skill
  • Education
  • Technology


  • Create a platform to support livelihood of rural population.
  • Education and Skill development of rural people to make them productive in the nation’s economy.
  • Research and development on the problems and opportunities in rural economy.
  • Impart the latest technology to speed up the rural economy.
  • Provide Market for Rural Economy


Human Resource

Under this movement we work on

  • Execution of skill development program with 100% Livelihood orientation.
  • Create a online platform through which the customers can purchase their services.

Labour Chowk

  • All sort of workforce solutions pan India.
  • At present 51% of the population in India is employed in an unorganized sector. Most of these are daily wage workers who are casual Labour, construction workers, painters, fitters, plumbers, electrician and carpenters. A large segment is also employed in agricultureal Labour activities.
  • The life of these workers is pathetic, they have no surety about their livelihood in both short term and long term. Most of them are unaware of the government welfare policies like insurance, pension and other health and legal facilities. This kind of work resemble the virtual slavery.
  • RED India is working to organize these 250 million labours through technology. The DLC application will register the labour and open them to the market as a powerful group. The firm will also focus on supporting them on skill upgardation and making them aware of other social benifits.

The main component of the the model are following:

  • Register the labour on an online platform. The profiling includes their skill sets, occupation ,location and service charges.
  • Create a online platform through which the customers can purchase their services.
  • Skill upgradation of Labours whenever required.
  • Link the Labours wil social schemes by government.

Grameen haat

India lives in villages and these village people depend for their livelihood on agriculture or their local produce. Long back the products made by the rural producers were authentic and representing their culture. However rapid globalization had replaced these products with machine made products , due to increasing demand. This had resulted into unemployment of these producers as their products could not stand infront of products manufactured by machines in terms of prices and quality. It is the high time to revive these cottage industries and link them to market. Gramin haat is the step by RED India where products of Rural india will get a platform to showcase themselves.Traditional handicrafts, jwellery , clothes etc will be in this league at affordable price.

This Model is to provide e- commerce platform for major rural propulation to sell their products at reasonable rates. The main services we are offering are following:

  • Online display of rural products in application and website.
  • Home delivery to the customers.
  • Support to producers for quality improvement.

Our Services


We also provide consultancy services on various aspects including:

  • Research and Impact evaluation of social development projects.
  • Development for livelihood model for skill development organizations.

Market Platform

  • We aspire to provide market platform for all small and mid size producers across the country

Our Team

We are a group of professionals having tremendous exposure to corporate and social development arena who thrive to add to the upliftment of status of rural India. Every member of the group has experience of making innovative addition in social development.

This group realized the increasing disparity of income in rural and urban India and decided to devote its experience and technological understanding to struggling rural economy.

RED India is determined to link rural producers to most lucrative MARKET PLACE and youth to be provided with suitable & sustainable opportunities in LIVELIHOOD . DIGITAL LABOUR CHOWK , another strong vision of Red India to organise the labour chowks of the India on one single online platform to provide stable livelihood and linking labour with the welfare schemes.


Kaustubh with dynamic and versatile personality has a great understanding of the problems and scopes in rural economy. This has come from his engagement in diverse family business.

He has graduated from Hindu College (Delhi University) and after that he completed Gandhi Fellowship with Kaivalya Education Foundation which again exposed him to the urban - rural dichotomy and similarity.

Last three years, his extensive interaction with rural community has led to a development of a model based on fast growing market economy which will not only address specific needs of the people but also generate employment for the youth. He firmly believes that the rural population has immense untapped potential which can be channelized to expand the livelihood opportunities as well as develop the standard of living in rural India.

His heart lies in villages and he is determined to transform rural economy by integrating technology and market with Rural production potential.

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Rohit dreams of a balanced India economy. He is bold and innovative person who believes that this is the right time for India to bring change and strengthen the rural economy by welcoming various stakeholders on board and making technology accessible to the 68% of Indian population. It is necessary to promote suitable rural technologies which can enable the local communities to enhance their efficiency and earning.

Rohit has been a Gandhi Fellow with MSW from Delhi School of Social Work. He also have vast experience on rural development by working in Jaipur Rugs Foundation and Jeevika (BRLPS). His expertise lies in social networking, identifying the market need and developing strategies to reach out to the target.

Rohit is optimistic with the view to change India. As Gandhi ji said,

""India lives in its villages""
and thus Rohit believes that it is time to uplift India's life.

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Saurabh is a lover and player of technology. He is an engineering student from IIT and joined the development sector immediately after completing his college. He is highly logical and fact oriented person.

He has a single motto in life - development of villages through technological innovation. He believes that education, skill and technology are the factors which can drive rural economy and aspire to be something useful.

Saurabh strongly advocates that if we are able to associate the local communities with the global market then it will not only deal with the problem of unemployment but also provide the market with more cost efficient and creative labour.

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In Rural Economy Development India we have following vacancies

  • Sales Executives
  • Business Development Executives


If you want to gain unique experience on Social Business model then spend your valuable time with us to learn

  • Social Business Development
  • Negotiations


We respect and value volunteers a lot and you can associate with us under following domains

  • Labour Registration in NCR
  • Registartion of small and mid size producers of handicraft, apparel and agriculture industries.
  • Registering the industries who are interested in hiring youth.

Free Lancing

You can work with us in following Domains

  • Fund Raising
  • Content writer
  • MIS
  • Story Writing
  • Innovation and Research